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Emily Sarsfield

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I started skiing at the age of 3 when I was introduced to the sport by my parents on family holidays. Coming from a sporty family I did many different sports and it was only at the age of 12 before I started skiing competitively. I was selected to ski for England at 13 years old and at that point my focus on skiing became more serious.

After a successful alpine ski career I changed discipline to the new exciting freestyle event of ski cross in 2005. Various ski coaches advised me that my skiing style and attitude would be suited to this new extreme event and at the World University Games, in my first ever ski cross race, I finished in 6th position.

I have never looked back since then, ski cross is the ultimate downhill race with the biggest adrenaline rush.

Having travelled the World Cup circuit for the past 4 seasons I slashed my World Cup ranking to a career high of 20th in 2008 and achieved the best result for all British female skiers, finishing 11th in the ski cross world cup finals in Italy. I am also five times British champion and finished 16th in the 2007 ski cross Freestyle Skiing World Championships in Italy.

Due to a serious knee injury in 2009, I missed over half the season. Fortunately surgery was successful and due to the hard work I put in over the summer of 2009 to recover, I am back racing World Cups.

In the 2010 season I created British Skiing history by becoming the first British Female Skier ever to win a Skiing Europa Cup race!

I had a strong finish to the 2011 season with a season's best 14th in the World Cup, Grindelwald, Switzerland and I still remain Britain's No.1 ski cross athlete.

My goals are to consistently place in the worlds top 10 for ski cross and to compete in the 2014 Olympic Winter Games in Russia.

Charlie Guest

Charlie Guest
FIS Page

Charlie started skiing at the age of 3 on Cairngorm, and started competing properly at the age of 11 whilst at the British Ski Academy in Les Houches. After making the British Childrens team the next year, Charlie was selected to compete at Topolino, and in Andorra where she became the first British Girl to win an international children’s race.

On moving into FIS, Charlie trained and raced for the Scottish Alpine Team and travelled to Poland for the European Youth Olympic Festival before taking the step up to the British Junior Team, with whom she will be skiing full time next season. In February 2012, she attended the World Junior Championships, and a few months later, achieved second overall at the Delancey British Alpine Championships with a win in the Junior Downhill.

The results that Charlie has achieved over the last season have ranked her 3rd British female (in terms of FIS points) in slalom, and is very much looking forward to improving on this after she leaves school in July for her first full time year. In the long term, Charlie’s main goals are to ski on the World Cup Circuit, and attend the Winter Olympic Games.

Natalie Beattie

Originally from Arbroath , Scotland , I have spent all my winters in Courchevel , France where my parents run a chalet company, and until the age of 10, I spent my summers in Britain . I now permanently live in Courchevel with my family.

Both my parents are skiing instructors and the opportunity arose for me to ski from an early age.

My first memories of skiing are with the school and my friends.

While I was growing up I had plenty of opportunity's to ski. I skied during all the winter holidays, every weekend as well as Wednesday afternoons.

I progressed very quickly and was selected for the Courchevel Club des sport at the age of 6 where I trained in cross country skiing, ski jumping and alpine skiing, before I decided to choose Alpine skiing as my specialist discipline ( slalom and giant slalom) at the age of 9.

I am in the sports section at school, I am studying for the baccalaurea.

Darcie Mead

Darcie Mead
FIS Page

Part of a huge pool of talented skiers from the Surbiton High School Ski Team, Darcie Mead has progressed from a Schools & ESSKIA skier who competed at the British School Girls through the UK ranks to qualify as a member of the 2012 British Youth Olympic Squad and won the 2012 Overall British Junior Title. As with many of the successful Surbiton skiers, Darcie started skiing at Sandown Park with Kevin Blanks, picking up a wealth of technical experience that often helped make up for her carefree approach to tactics in race situations - a trait that she still carries now!

After being selected for the English Schools Teams at the World Schools Championships and then the British Children's Team, Darcie spent 2010, her final year as a child, training at the Team Evolution training facility in Austria, alongside numerous other National Team athletes. With a full season on snow under her belt at just 14 years old, Darcie flourished, and a new found technical awareness matched with her hard working approach and aggressive tactics lead her to several National Titles, including the coveted British Children's Slalom Championship trophy in 2010. This success was proven to be more than a flash in the pan, the 2011 season equally impressive, with Darcie adapting to her first winter in the Junior Ranks with fluidity not often seen from someone so young - Despite being just 15 years old, Darcie picked up numerous English Championships Titles and Top 10 placings in International competitions, before peaking at the Delancy British Championships in Meribel, an event that saw her take home 4 National Championships Trophies in the Junior 1 Category.

As a member of both the British Junior Team and British Youth Olympic Squad in 2011 Darcie has built on the fundamental ground work that was done with both Sandown Park and Team Evolution and firmly established herself as on the Team GB's most promising talents. While studying to complete her A-Levels for the next 2 years Darcie will continue to train alongside her International Team mates, as part of the Team Evolution Junior training group, with a great deal of support from Surbiton High School.

Alex Tilly

Alex tilly

I was 8 years old when I had my first ski lesson at Alford Dry Ski Slope. I took to it straight away and joined the race club Gordon Skiers within a year. Some of my earlier achievements were competing at Topolino Children’s race in 2006, and also being selected to represent Team GB in the European Youth Olympic Winter Festival in 2009.

At the 2011/2012 Delancey British Championships, I became British Female Champion in all 5 events and also became British Overall Champion. My FIS points currently rank me number 1 in Britain in slalom, and number 2 in Giant Slalom.

Next year I hope to make a step up into some Europa Cup races where I can test my abilities against some top competition. I look forward to this with great enthusiasm and hope to have as much success as this past season.

Charlotte Evans & Kelly Gallagher

Charlotte Evans and Kelly Gallagher

Kelly and I have currently being skiing together since November 2010. We both have headsets in our helmets and instructions of when to turn and the change in terrain is said through the headsets. The most important thing is communication as this determines how the run will turn out. We have just completed last season with a few ups and downs, but we are now ready and prepared for some summer training and a lot of fitness to prepare fully for the season. Kelly and I are still on target in reaching our goal in going to Sochi, so hopefully this will be a good and productive season in the development towards 2014.

Jasmin Taylor

Jasmin Taylor

When I was 10 years of age I was given a school project on mountains which led me to take up skiing at my local dry ski slope in Ipswich. Loved it straight away and promptly moved on to snow around 2 years later.

I began skiing on the alpine circuit, but at age 15, I wanted to explore other options. I tried skier-cross and became British Champion in 2009. However, that same year I learnt to Telemark and was taught by the National French Coach. He seemed to like my enthusiasm, asked me to join his club and compete on the French series. Since then, I haven’t looked back! I eat, sleep, breathe skiing but especially love Telemark!

I finished college, saved some pennies – spending them on my first full season’s training and racing. I’m now a World Junior Championship Bronze Medallist, and cannot wait to do it again next season!

During the summer months, I work as a Gym Instructor and Personal Trainer in Ipswich. Loving life and a big thank you to all my sponsors! (Kneissl, TDS Safe-Guard, MBC, Scarpa, Colchester Physio, Edge-Riders) Very flattering to be invited into the Ladies Ski Club – looking forward to be involved!

Anna Turney

Anna Turney @SkiRaceAnna

Thank your for your support!

I aim to win a gold medal in the 2014 Sochi Paralympic Games in Alpine Skiing.

4 Years after becoming paralysed and after skiing for only 2.5 years, I finished 6th the Vancouver Paralympics.

Recent Success

Europa Cup 2012 - 4th overall. Silver & bronze x6 (Super G, GS Slalom) Qualified for World Cups in Downhill, Super G & Super Combined.

Current World Ranking - 9th (Super G)

See Going for Gold - a short film on my 2012 season.

Natalia Harte

Natalia Harte

I started skiing at the age of 2, as part of family holidays in America, France and my home land of Bonnie Scotland.

I started snow racing in 2003. During my time in racing I was selected to represent England at the age of 12 and was then selected to represent Britain as part of the British Children’s team and when I moved into FIS I became part of the Scottish team and later on the British Junior Team.

11/12 winter season was my second season post rehab after an ACL reconstruction 2010, and I achieved Scottish slalom ladies overall champion, 3rd in the Delancy senior downhill championships. Also achieving some good FIS point results and some podiums in FIS and CIT races over the season.

I am looking forward to next season and hoping for some good race results.

I would like to say a massive thank you to all my sponsors for their support, especially Marks and Spencer’s Maybrook for their continued support over the last 3 years. Also, thank you ladies ski club for supporting my skiing, it is much appreciated.

Ellie Koyander

Ellie Koyander Twitter: @elliekoyander facebook: Ellie Koyanders Fan Page

I began skiing at only 1 year 6 months old and have always been an ‘action girl’ loving the outdoors and with a passion for excitement and adventure. I developed first as an alpine slalom racer winning my first medal aged 5 years, but then finding and falling in love with Freestyle as a teenager, I progressed through the ranks of the England and then British National Team very quickly as a Moguls skier. By the age of 15, I became the only British Freestyle skier to ever hold the combined titles of GBR Champion, French Junior Champion, Australian Junior Champion and USA Regional Junior Champion.

Realising I was producing ground breaking results for moguls skiing, the GB Selection committee invited me to compete on the World Cup circuit in 2008 with a view to working towards qualification at the Vancouver Olympics in 2010. This two year period took me to the level of competing against the world’s elite and at the age of only 18, I was the youngest member of Team GB to compete in the 2010 Olympic Games. This has been the highlight of my career so far.

My story continues now as I work towards the 2014 Winter Olympics and beyond. My plan is to continue my rapid rise to the top and build a unique programme of excellence where I can do nothing else but succeed!

Giulia Harte

Giulia Harte

I started skiing at the age of 1, as part of family holidays in America, France and my home land of Bonnie Scotland.

I started snow racing in 2004. During my time in racing I was selected to represent Britain as part of the British Children’s team for the duration of my time as a children’s racer and I was chosen to represent them in Topolino. When I moved into FIS I became part of the British Junior Team.

The 12/13 winter season was my first season post rehab after an ACL reconstruction 2012 and my second season in FIS, and I achieved 3rd in the Delancy senior Super G championships. Also achieving some good FIS point results and improving my skiing from the previous season.

I am looking forward to next season and hoping for some good race results. Thank you to ladies ski club for their support.

Bethany Widdup

I started skiing at the age of 4 on family ski holidays and spent many Saturday mornings at Ski Rossendale's kids club. For the first 6 or 7 years I simply enjoyed learning different aspects of free skiing on club holidays and started taking part in Rossendale's Summer Race League. From here I moved to Pendle Ski Club where I started to train more seriously with Carl Ryding and Colin Tee. I embarked on the the summer club national and grand prix series on artificial slopes all around the country.

Around the age of 13 I experienced my first snow race in Les Houches and started to train with Dragons Ski Club. The emphasis ontinued to be on having fun, enjoying my skiing and learning as well as focusing on my GCSEs and A levels. During this time I also had some great experiences with Esskia taking part in the ISF championships in Italy in 2010.

By the time I had finished my A levels I was training and racing with Ambition and embarked on my first full time season in 2013/2014 where I didn't have education to think about. During the season I brought my slalom seed points down from 78.48 to 45.35 and gained selection for the BSS British under 21 squad. I thoroughly enjoyed being a full time athlete and now want to see how far I can progress in the sport.

Cara Brown

Cara was born in London but moved to Milan, Italy when she was 7. She has lived in Italy for 14 years and speaks English, Italian and French.

She joined her first ski club, Kandahar, when she was 10. After getting a feel for racing and deciding she wanted to do more of it she started spending all her free time at The British Ski Academy in Les Houches. She did her first ever ski races aged 13. Aged 15 Cara was selected for the Scottish Ski Team and has been a member for the past 5 years.

After finishing school in 2012 Cara did her first full-time season based in Austria with Stefan Moser. Cara had a great season, which including halving her slalom points and therefore decided pursue skiing rather than going straight into further education.

Cara now trains with French race team Orsatus run by Alex Fourrat. She has had her best season ever: She won the CIT World Championship Super-G, Giant Slalom and Slalom and then went on to win the Arnold Lunn CIT World Cup, the first British athlete to ever accomplish this. Cara finished her season performing exceptionally at the British Championships, winning over 20 medals and 12 trophies. Her titles include Victrix Ludorum, Ladies Overall Champion, Ladies Under-21 Champion, Ladies Junior Champion and Non-British Team Champion. She was also chosen for the Kirsteen McGibbon award for always striving to improve. Cara also won the Scottish Ladies Champion Title after finishing first Scot in every race of the 2014 Championships.

Cara would like to thank her sponsors for their support without which none of this would be possible: the Ladies Ski Club, AMS, AMS rentals, Thomas's London Day Schools and