Cara Brown GS 3.jpeg


I was born in London to two Scottish parents but moved to live in northern Italy when I was 7 years old. Living in Italy, near the Alps was really handy for skiing and I used to ski with my parents nearly every weekend in the winter. My parents soon realised that I was going a bit too fast to be on the slopes with other skiers and so we decided to give racing a try. I did my first camp with Kandahar, my first racing club, when I was 8. I stayed in school until I was 18, going to races on the weekends with my parents and when I finally finished school I decided to put university on hold and pursue skiing. As soon as I was skiing full time my results started to improve. Over the past 6 years I’ve moved into the top 200 in the world, been in the top 30 in EuropaCup multiple times and competed in World Juniors, World Championships and World Cup events. My goals for the next few years are to keep improving my world rankings, compete at World Championships and qualify for the next Winter Olympics!