I began skiing at the age of 8 when I went on my first ever ski holiday and straight away picked up a love for speed and the mountains. I began racing from the age of 11 and continued from there! I began to do more skiing each year and found myself in the British children’s team which then progressed to the British Alpine team as I got older. 

I’ve competed as a child at the Andorran races and Topolino, at numerous world junior championships, My debut to Europa cup was in 2017 and I competed at EYOF (European Youth Olympic Festival) in 2013.  

I haven’t always been the luckiest with injuries and sadly I missed most of the 2016/2017 season due to a meniscus tear and tibia fracture. On my return to the sport this season I started off extremely well being the fastest Brit in most races and scoring PB’s across the board. I was lucky enough to take home 2 wins from the Leogang slalom and a GS at the Aglion Cup. Unfortunately following on from my first GS win of the season I suffered a nasty fall and ended up with a spiral fracture which caused my tibia and fibia to shatter into numerous bone fragments swimming around in my left leg. I was quickly air lifted and operated on in Switzerland and ended up with a metal rod, 4 screws, 12 staples and 18 stitches my leg. It is now all reset and back in place and I’m beginning my rehabilitation here in the UK. 

Despite the unfortunate luck with injuries that can come with the sport, they will not hold me back and I will continue to fight. I’ll be back racing and competing on snow before you know it! 

My goals for the sport remain the same and I still want to chip away at my world rankings, compete at the World Championships in 2021 and hopefully qualify and compete at the Olympics come 2022!