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CHEMMY ALCOTT tells us what she’s been up to since racing…

No one ever becomes a British ski racer because they think it could be a career choice.

You choose to race because you have an insatiable appetite for speed, a passion for pushing yourself beyond your limits. Then you almost become addicted to this opportunity to self develop - to be better than you were yesterday. To arc tighter turns. To be more aerodynamic and to be competitive with the worlds best.

And then your body tells you the dream is over? Then what? How do you define yourself if you are no longer a ski racer?

Well the simple answer is that you adapt that passion. A passion once focused on yourself becomes an opportunity to inspire and educate others on both the valuable lessons you learn through sport and the pure art of skiing quicker!

I am so lucky to have adapted quickly into multiple new roles in life since i retired.

Business Owner. Wife. Mother. TV Presenter. Inspirational speaker. Life coach.

I am so proud of each and every challenge i face by wearing multiple hats.

I am married to my business partner. As a former World Cup downhiller Dougie Crawford and I both have the same dreams of nurturing the huge talent we have in this country. But we don't just want to make fast skiers - we want to use skiing and sport in general to develop amazing young people full of confidence in themselves AND their dreams. And so CDC Performance (Carpe Diem Coaching- something my mother Eve, a big fan of LSC, said to me every morning of every race i competed in!) was born. 

Being able to help present your favourite childhood ski show, Ski Sunday is a a dream come true. Helping to shine the light on women's skiing in particular is the icing on the cake. (I mean how many interviewers get to quiz some of their closest friends - interviewing the great Lindsey Vonn is both super fun and a challenge for me because I have to forget I have known her as a buddy for over 20 years!)

And probably the most important - being responsible for the happiness of my own little family. One of the best days since Locki was born was our first ever family ski day. With huge pressure on his tiny, squidgy shoulders to love the sport we were apprehensive how the day would end. Well his continuous yells of 'more, more, more' quickly answered our fears. We don't need him to be a ski racer, far from it, our only aim as parents is to make sure he gets as much enjoyment out of being in the mountains as we do. 

Life is a rollercoaster. Sometimes I yearn for a 9-5 just so I know where I will be in a year from now. But at the same time I love the varieties of Chemmy that I get to be and wake up every day with a thirst for life which i wouldn't have any other way!

Chemmy and Dougie run camps from 10 year olds right through to 78 year olds. Info can be found at



“I am currently working with a group of young athletes who are visually impaired. The plan is to set them up for the future to attend the Paralympics. We now have a squad called Precise Vi under the umbrella of the able bodied Precise Racing. It’s a great opportunity for people with a visual impairment to get involved with skiing. We are currently looking for funding so that we can help make this sport accessible for any visually impaired person. We currently have 5 athletes and 5 guides, with more younger children wanting to get involved. It is exciting times for the sport and the development of the sport in the future.”


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